Ahoy-hoy! Welcome to my site! I'm the Last Adventurer, a ninja mountaineer, hiker, climber, skier, surfer, runner, photographer, general explorer and much more! If it's your first time here, here's what you need to know. You can follow me on: TwitterYoutube, and on Instagram at last_adventurer.  If you want to hear me speak, I co-host this little Podcast called, "In Ice Axe We Trust". If you want to contact me, use the form below! 

If you're interested in hiking, climbing, or checking out some interesting spots, go to the link above called, "Hiking and Climbing Blog"; or check out the handy drop-down menu/list called "Hiking, Climbing and Adventure Links" for topics by location and or type that I've experienced and researched for you! If you're interested in Whimsical Stories, click that link at the top as well. Alternatively, you can check out the Blogroll below, for the sites of some of my good friends and fellow outdoorspeople!

One last note: pretty much all of the activities that are described in my site involve traveling to outdoors and or remote areas and then conducting some sort of physical activity in that area (from mild to strenuous, from safe to dangerous, and all in between). As with any activity, there are potential dangers involved. These potential dangers can include, but are not limited to: 1) travel issues; 2) terrain issues; 3) weather issues; 4) animal issues(including people, people are animals); 5) non-animal issues (BUGS! And or...aliens?); 6) navigation issues; 7) injury and or death issues. In this regard, be safe: know that you and you alone are responsible for your own safety, so: 1) be fully prepared for anything (yes, anything); 2) be in good physical condition should the situation call for it; 3) know how to use/read a map/GPS/read road signs; 4) have the proper equipment (including the two most important things: FOOD and WATER; 5) anything else that you think you need/need to do.

Other than that, see you on the trail – or in the wild. I’ll be the one smiling and laughing about whatever situation has presented itself!

 -Last Adventurer

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