LA’s Guide to Summiting Whitney, Part VI - Assorted Things

Boots: If you hiking Whitney in the summer, you will not need boots; however, I do recommend them because of the extra support they will provide you with. I also suggest that if you are planning on buying – or using brand new boots for your summit bid, that you break them in by putting some miles on them beforehand. I guarantee that no matter how nice or expensive your new boots may be they will cause foot pain or blisters if they are not broken in beforehand!

Bodily Functions: The Forest Services states that you must pack out all solid waste you pack in, including poop. The Ranger station at Lone Pine will provide you with baggies should you require them. There are two outhouses on the trail – at Outpost and Trail Camps. Should you elect to use these facilities, you will not have to pack out your poop. Be prepared to do this when you are on the trail to minimize your impact on the environment. Also be prepared to pack out what you pack in, including all trash. Remember the motto: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

Gear: As noted above, I recommend you check the conditions before you go, which will determine what you carry. Having said that, this is a draft list I provided my group before our October climb:

1) Backpack: preferably something larger than a daypack, but smaller than a week long excursion pack.

2) Sleeping bag; on trips such as this I carry a lightweight 10 degree bag.

3) Bivy Sack/Lightweight tent

4) Sleeping Pad: I generally don’t carry one because of the weight factor, but if you want to be comfortable, there are some good lightweight inflatable pads.

5) First Aid kit

6) Water Filer (See above)

7) Trekking poles: I don't use these, but the descent down from the summit is hard on the knees. I'd recommend these for anyone who wants to save some of their knee cartilage for later in life.

8) Backpacking stove (See above)

9) Bear Canister (See above)

10) 4 1 liter size bottles.

11) Matches/Lighter/Compass/Map/Emergency blanket/knife/TP/Poop bags

12) Boots (See above)

13) 2 pairs socks

14) 1 pair long underwear

15) 1 pair of "convertible" pants

16) Wind resistant fleece jacket.

17) Water resistant outer "shell" jacket

18) Wind resistant fleece hat.

19) Pair of mid-weight gloves

20) Camera

And always, remember to have fun and a good time! See you on the trail!