Wheel of Kama and the Wheel of War

This post is for reader RVMaster2022, who recently wrote me asking whether I knew any more about the "Wheel of Kama" outside Slab City, and whether I had any more images of the art that was there. Since I'm always happy to answer reader questions, and put the answer up for other interested parties, here's what I know, RVMaster2022. 

When I was at Salvation Mountain (detailed here: http://lastadventurer.com/last-adventurers-fieldnotes/2010/11/17/salvation-mountain.html) I walked up to the top of Salvation Mountain, and saw there were two water tanks off in the near distance that appeared to also be painted. Since I'm curious, I set off, and was at first, reluctantly followed by my group. As we drew closer, I shouted back two things to the group: 1) "You'd better not leave me in the middle of nowhere", and 2) "Hey look - it's the Wheel of Karma.....er, Wheel of Kama." As soon as I uttered the second phrase, and got a good look at the Wheel of Kama, I started laughing. Once we had checked out the whole wheel which is elaborately decorated and painted, we of course had to go over to the next water tank, which we could tell was also elaborately painted. Once there, we saw that it was not about love, but about WAR (Obvious, right, with a name like "Wheel of WAR"). However, despite being about war, it also had some pretty amazing art, including a dragon made completely from spent shotgun shells (pictured above in the link, and below in the pictures here). And frankly, that's all I can tell you about these modern petroglyphs, other than its some amazing work, and that if you're at Salvation Mountain, they're amazing to also see, but not the work of Leonard. If I was to speculate (and I will), I'd say they're the work of Slab City locals, or possibly, aliens. In any case, if you're there, check it out!

Directions: From the top of Salvation Mountain, walk directly due South-East for approximately .25 miles. The tanks will be easily visible as they are quite large.

Wheel of Kama, not Karma!

Thanks for life Mom, I'm doing fine!

Dinosaurs....The recipe for the Big Bang - finally!More Information: http://lastadventurer.com/last-adventurers-fieldnotes/2010/11/17/salvation-mountain.html, http://www.flickr.com/photos/ideabunch/5374240147/, http://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/winegalcj/2/1266950373/tpod.html