Dos Cabezas Station

One of the many strange things to be found out in the Anza-Borrego Desert are the ruins of the Dos Cabezas Railroad Station. The station was part of the El Centro to San Diego railroad line, which was completed in 1919. Construction on this section of line was first deemed "impossible", but the line was completed and used through most of the twentieth century. The Dos Cabezas station provided a watering stop for the steam engines; and a place for explorers and miners to access the rail line. The name "Dos Cabezas" is Spanish for “two heads,” and refers to the two large rocks piles at the site which resemble heads. Unfortunately, the station was abandoned in 1958, and even more unfortunately, was substantially picked over and destroyed during the last fifty plus years. Today, all that remains is the station's water tower, along with a pile of rebar and foundation pieces near the railroad tracks. Even though there isn't a great deal to see at the station today, it is a great place to stop and explore if you are off-roading in the area, or if you are on your way to hike the Goat Canyon Trestle or visit Indian Hill and the Blue Sun Cave.

Directions: My friend Jaime Hernandez at has some great directions here as to how to get to the ruins of the station.