Gear Review: TETON Sports ComfortLite Pillow

Disclaimer: as part of my co-hosting duties on In Ice Axe We Trust, I was provided a free Comfortlite Pillow from TETON Sports. On the recent IIAWT expedition to Death Valley, I tried it out. I liked it so much, I decided to write up this promotional bit that you’ll find below. If it doesn’t convince you to get one, I don’t know what will.

Have you ever been backpacking? Well, I have. Over hills. Along beaches. Through rivers and swamps; deserts and jungles; and up and down mountains. I’ve experienced the freedom of everything all over the world. And while I love it – I also hate it. Because if you’ve never backpacked, you don’t know how the sport can be a brutal slog. You also don’t know that at those times, it doesn’t feel like you have a backpack on your back. At those times, it feels like you have the meanest demon from the foulest darkest pit of the netherworld perched atop your shoulders with pointy sharp horrible claws. At those times, at the end of those long days, you only have one thing and one thing only to look forward to: sleeping.

For years, I’ve been suffering through those nights by sleeping on my arm. Yes; my arm – like a barbarian. But now, there is a product that is perfect for exhausted backpackers such as myself: the TETON Sports Comfortlite Pillow. It packs down so that it’s nearly as light as a feather; and once its removed from the packaging, it inflates to provide a little slice of heaven for your head. In addition to providing you with the greatest night’s sleep you’ll ever experience on the trail, the pillow can also be used for other things, including, but not limited to: a hiding spot for your head from Bigfoot; a muffler for your tears and cries when you are hiding from Bigfoot; a teeny-tiny raft for friendly squirrels and or chipmunks; a cover for your naked parts if Bigfoot steals your clothes; and last but not least, a ninja-like weapon in its compressed form that you can possibly use to scare off Bigfoot. So – don’t delay – don’t sleep on your arm – go out and get yourself this wondrous product today!