Sinnott Memorial Overlook

Crater Lake National Park is one of the most remote National Parks in the contiguous United States, but it is also one of the most beautiful National Parks. For hundreds of years, people have been impressed by the incredible cerulean blue color of the lake, and have been inspired by the incredible natural beauty that exists throughout the park. While there is not a bad view of the lake from anywhere along the crater rim, one of the best views is easily accessible in Rim Village at the Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

Crater Lake, July 2014

The Overlook was constructed in 1931, and features rustic stone masonry construction. The Sinnott Memorial Overlook (also known as Sinnott Memorial Building No. 67)  has a great view of the lake, as it sits 900 feet above the surface of the lake atop Victor Rock. From the Overlook, there is a great 180 degree view of the lake, from Wizard Island to the West to Garfield Peak to the East; as well as Cleetwood Cove to the North. The Overlook also has a great interpretive display that talks about the collapse of Mount Mazama, the geology of the area, and the formation of Crater Lake over thousands of years. 

Directions: From the Rim Village parking area, follow the well marked trail past the Rim Village Visitor Center. Sinnott Memorial Overlook is located directly behind the Visitor Center (to the North) down a series of stairs. Do note that as the rim is located above 7,000 feet of elevation, snow can linger on the trail through Rim Village, and the stairs of the Overlook well into the summer months.

Tips: This is a great spot for photographers to get a picture of Crater Lake at any time of the day, although as noted above, anywhere along Crater Lake's rim offers great photographic opportunities. 

Sinnott Overlook, July 2014