Episode XIIIA - Standstill

Immobile, we waited. The planet turned around us, but we were at rest. One red eye stared at Mysterious and I as we sat. Blankly we watched the eye. Quick motion caught our corneas coming down the opposite hill. Absolutely flaming red flying toward our stationary point. Through the four-square intersection dodging traffic with pure energetic speed. Rending ripping gnashing sounds as the hood liquefied and rippled back. Silence. Two feet of hood re-shaped holding the racer in its metal jaw. Stunned. I pick glass like grains of sand from my lap and hair. I check my body for injuries that fail to exist. I blink. We get out of the car and walk over to the curb. Sirens break the stillness. I look up. The green eye winks at us and returns to red while motion floods the area.