7 Things to know about the Last Adventurer, 1-3

1.         I don’t have twenty-five things to share about me. I have twenty-five billion; twenty-five million; a quasi-trillion, or maybe just one essential truth to share. I can’t quantify the exact number of things that I could share, and that’s fine with me. What I do I know, is that I’ve never completed one of these memes seriously. I’d be willing to bet that you either know me or you don’t, and if you don’t, a series of black and white words probably isn’t going to provide you with the requisite knowledge either. On the off chance that I’m wrong, because life doesn’t play by any rules, and neither do I, here’s some things for you to consider about me. I know that I know myself; and that it’s hard to know others, but despite all of this, the world keeps spinning, and life will always be mysteriously interesting. Most importantly, if you don’t know that I’m having a good laugh about this right now, then you really have no idea who I am, and you probably don’t need to read on, unless it’s really a slow day at work.

2.         Speaking of work, it’s important to note that I refuse to wear matching socks to work. It started out as an accident, but now it’s become intentional.

3.         The idea of the multiverse captivates me. It’s intriguing to think that for every quantum decision there is, a parallel universe exists. Somewhere, I’m answering these questions with honest one word answers. Somewhere else, I followed my instincts and didn’t even place pen to paper or hands to keyboard, and somewhere else, I just don’t exist.