Fire Canyon/Silica Dome

Silica Dome (foreground), Fire Canyon (right), Valley of Fire

Although the Valley of Fire has many stunning views, one of its most spectacular views requires little to no work, and is accessible to all visitors. The Fire Canyon/Silica Dome Lookout is centrally located in the Valley of Fire; and is a high point overlooking two of the many prominent geologic features in the park, Silica Dome, and Fire Canyon. Even though this is a very accessible area; chances are that you will have the location to yourself year-round, if you wait long enough. If you do, you'll get the chance to experience some desert solitude without breaking a sweat.

Directions: Valley of Fire State Park is located 50 miles to the Northeast of Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, take I-15 North for 37 miles to exit 75 - "Valley of Fire-Lake Mead". For the next fifteen miles (15), follow the Valley of Fire highway East-Northeast to the park entrance (the park is open year round). From the park entrance, follow the park road to the Visitor Center turnoff. Follow the road past the Visitor Center, and the turnoff for the Fire Canyon/Silica Dome lookout will be well marked on the right.